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Your teambuilding belongs on TeambuildingGuide!

Be part of a community of enthusiastic and professional corporate team building organizers and let thousands of visitors discover your activities every month.

The basis of a successful campaign?

Make sure you are found! Your team building concept should not be missing in the most consulted database of corporate company outings.

TeambuildingGuide is a national platform – an interesting point of reference for both event agencies and companies looking for a great teambuilding activity for their staff. On TeambuildingGuide, supply and demand of unique teambuildings are brought together quickly, easily and professionally.

Visitors can contact the team building concepts offered directly and requests for quotations will be sent directly to you as an organizer. There are no intermediaries and as an organizer you have direct contact with your future customers. This is how you build your own customer base.

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Partnering with TeambuildingGuide means for you as an organiser


Free access

Fees only in case of success. You pay a number of credits per request received. TeambuildingGuide does not take commission on executed events: all revenue is yours.


Direct contact with customers

Requests are immediately forwarded to you. There are no intermediaries and, as the organiser, you have direct contact with your potential customers. This is how you build your own customer base.


Focus on the organisation

TeambuildingGuide brings your team building activities to the attention of thousands of companies. We will introduce them to your team building activities so you can focus on organising them perfectly.

Let’s work together

Every month thousands of companies search on TeambuildingGuide for the perfect group activity for their colleagues. We’d love to introduce them to your team building.

On TeambuildingGuide you can create an account for free and post team building concepts! At TeambuildingGuide there are no fixed monthly fees or commissions on bookings: all revenue are yours! You only pay a number of credits per request.

You have full control over your presence on TeambuildingGuide. Manage your ads or put them on hold? Spotlight or Premium? Configure your presence the way you want it!

Image TeambuildingGuide | Original ideas for a successful team building

The best team building agencies in Belgium.

Do you work according to the values below? Then we can work together! You will be part of a community of enthusiastic and professional organisers of corporate team building events.


High-quality team building

Companies search on TeambuildingGuide for innovative, challenging and stimulating team building activities - and that is exactly what our partners offer.


Short response time to requests

Companies that have sent an application have the right to receive a reply. Our partners are committed to responding to every request within 24 hours.


Focus on B2B team building activities

TeambuildingGuide focuses exclusively on corporate clients. Our partners have a distinct B2B offer in team building activities.

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